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Architects Of The Metaverse

Metaverse World Builders


Do you have a vision of your presence in the Metaverse?

Metaverse World Builders are a specialist agency for the building and creation of Metaverse architecture, wearables, avatars and NFT Collections. We build on multiple platforms from Virtual Reality based Metaverses such as AltspaceVR through to popular decentralised lands like Decentraland. This new universe of worlds is upon us, be prepared for a new highly immersive experience where your ideas and our imagination and creative expertise can lead to something literally ‘out of this world’.

We are specialists in building virtual land architecture that will showcase your organisation in ways that the internet never could. Engage customers with interactive immersive 3D virtual construction. Let us take you on a journey to visit Metaverse Worlds created by World Builders and Metaverse architects so talented you will be in awe of their spectacular creations. The time is right to take the lead and claim your space on the Metaverse Platform of your choice – Contact us now to start the journey to brave new worlds.

Explore our worlds

Let us transport you to the Metaverse World Builders Hub. From here you will have a window into the amazing metaverse worlds that our metaverse builders have created. If you would like a personal tour then we can meet you at our hub from where we can transport you to many different genres of worlds.