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About Us

Our Mission

We created Metaverse World Builders to offer premium world-building services on the Metaverse. We have virtual world builders from all over the globe creating unique Metaverse architecture. We aim to guide companies and organisations seamlessly through the web 3.0 phase of the Internet as it evolves into a new world of extended reality. We will help you find the perfect Metaverse platform for your project and provide you with a team of experts to create your stunning presence in the Metaverse.

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Metaverse World Builders

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Our Core Values

We believe in honesty, fair trade and transparency with all of the people we collaborate with. Each Metaverse project is unique and special, we dedicate a team for its success. Metaverse World Builders create professional productions of Metaverse designs through our pool of exceptionally talented experts including architects, graphic artists, sound engineers, 3D modellers, programmers and builders. By head-hunting the best talent in the Metaverse for our team of creators we believe we can offer a superior experience for your journey into the Metaverse. We believe in keeping our promises and exceeding the expectations of our clients so that your Metaverse project wows and engages your audience.


Let us transport you to the Metaverse World Builders hub so you can experience first-hand the immersive beauty of some of the best virtual worlds in the metaverse. Our team’s Metaverse creations range from business events, art galleries, meditation spaces, night clubs to immersive sci-fi fantasy worlds. If you are looking to create a jaw-dropping immersive experience in the Metaverse then talk to Metaverse World Builders. We would be delighted to help you create virtual worlds, wearables, avatars and Metaverse NFTs that amaze your clients. Whether you are new to the Metaverse or want to expand on your existing Metaverse presence, we can help you turn your ideas into digital reality. Please view our portfolio of Metaverse projects. To discuss your Metaverse plan or for a tour of our virtual worlds please contact us.

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Join the Metaverse world builders team, we are looking for people to help meet the needs of the metaverse.

NFT Specialist: do you know just about everything NFT, Blockchain and Crypto? Talk to us!

World Builders and Architects: We need world builders to join our diverse team, get in touch and show us examples of your creations.

Sales Consultants: Are you a great communicator? Can you listen to our clients and hold their hands from concept to world creation? Email us now.