About us

Our Mission

We created Metaverse World Builders to offer premium world building services on the metaverse. 

We have virtual world builders from all over the world creating amazing new worlds.

If you are considering engaging with a company to create your virtual world in the metaverse then talk to Metaverse World Builders, we would be delighted to help you visualise the virtual world that delivers to your highest expectations.

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Extraordinary Experiences

We recommend that you let us transport you to the Metaverse World Builders portal so you can experience first hand the immersive beauty of some of the best virtual worlds in the metaverse. Contact us for a personal tour.

Our Core Values

We believe in honesty, fairness and transparency with all of the people that we work with and build virtual worlds for.

Our aim is to provide virtually the best experience in the metaverse.

Join Our Team

Join the Metaverse world builders team, we are looking for people to help meet the needs of the metaverse.

NFT Specialist: do you know just about everything NFT, Blockchain and Crypto? Talk to us!

World Builders: We need world builders to join our diverse team, get in touch and show us examples of your creations.

Sales Consultants: Are you a great communicator? Can you listen to our clients and hold their hands form concept to world creation? Email us now.

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