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AltspaceVR Builders and Architects


AltspaceVR is a social VR Metaverse platform founded in 2013 and launched in 2015. In 2017 Microsoft purchased AltspaceVR and is now part of the Mixed Reality division and rumoured to be merging with Microsoft Mesh. The Virtual Reality Metaverse platform can be accessed via a computer or VR headset and allows user-generated spaces called Worlds, which can be built to bespoke needs and visited by other users. 

AltspaceVR is an event-based platform with meetups and Live virtual participation. Within AltspaceVR, individuals can meet, talk, collaborate, and be copresent in small to large groups. The platform has attracted a diverse range of interests, from Churches to Comedy Clubs, as well as some corporate events such as UNICEF. AltspaceVR is a collection of spaces known as Worlds that are either user or official created social interaction places.


Each user in AltspaceVR can set up a “Universe” and within it create “Worlds” that host their creations. Users interact with AltspaceVR through the browsing of Worlds within the platform. The hosting of the Worlds is free of charge within AltspaceVR and many users have created multiple Worlds. Worlds range from simple games to sophisticated events and virtual presentations. From parties to Metaverse Business events and social gatherings, there are a plethora of Worlds to be discovered on this platform. Users of AltspaceVR can create portals to Worlds and share them with a group, teleporting between Worlds with their friends.

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BUILDING Architecture

Building Worlds within AltspaceVR can be achieved in two ways. The first is through working with AltspaceVR onboard building tools where within VR you can create Worlds through a drag and drop interface or within virtual reality itself. This is an ideal solution for beginners. However, for more sophisticated Worlds AltspaceVR supports a plugin from Unity to import 3D Models into VR. For gaming and interactive Worlds, you will need to learn some Node.js scripting or utilise a programmer to use AltspaceVR SDK. Alternatively, we run a team of 3D Modelers, Metaverse Architects, Builders and Programmers that can turn your ideas into beautifully crafted Virtual Reality Worlds.


AltspaceVR does not support Metaverse Cryptocurrencies. Trading assets with tokens happens outside the VR World. AltspaceVR promotes a community of sharing where SDKs and digital items are shared within the community. The platform provides an ideal place to promote digital assets and NFTs free of hosting charges.

cryptocurrency for decentralised metaverses


Ownership of AltspaceVR is centralised, meaning everything in AltspaceVR is owned by the organisation itself or the parent company Microsoft. Users of AltspaceVR create Worlds and Universes within their accounts that can be shared for collaboration. Those accounts hold the intellectual property of the World created within AltspaceVR. To summarise, you do not get to own the World or digital space on AltspaceVR but you can hold the intellectual property for the World within a secure account.


Trading on AltspaceVR happens through supporting the Virtual Reality World with a payment gateway on the web. Think of the AltspaceVR World as the showroom or gallery for your digital assets or NFTs. Within AltspaceVR you can present your product in 3D virtual reality and trade the product through a web presence. Many users of AltspaceVR are benefiting from the free hosting of their virtual reality showroom together with a backend website that converts the visitors into profit. Currently, no payment gateways exist within AltspaceVR.



AltspaceVR is a hugely popular social app that is gaining rapidly in popularity partly due to its availability on Oculus Quest 2. Benefits of AltspaceVR include freely hosted Worlds and that the Worlds are available in VR or on PC or Mac running macOS, Windows or Linux, inviting wider participation. Event promotion within AltspaceVR is also free, making it appealing to marketers. The platform allows complex designs and interaction through its compatibility with Unity and SDKs. Although you do not directly own the Worlds the components of the World are held as intellectual property within your own secure account on AltspaceVR. Trading is achieved through combining your virtual world with an online presence. Internally within Altspace, Worlds and events are advertised freely, and popular Worlds are listed to encourage user visits making the platform an ideal choice for marketers. We have a team of expert AltspaceVR Architects that can create stunning spaces on this VR Metaverse platform why not contact us below.

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