Virtual property, the smart way to increase your Metaverse Real Estate

Metaverse Architecture in Decentraland

Interest in the Metaverse investment has increased exponentially in the last few months. With Facebook announcing their change of name to Meta, the term “metaverse” hit the mainstream. Fuelled by the Metaverse’s growing popularity experts in the industry say there has been an increase of 4-500% in the last few months in Metaverse Land plots. The Covid pandemic that has kept people indoors for long periods of time has created a metaverse gold rush as an investment in metaverse land soars. A recent report by crypto asset manager Grayscale speculates that the virtual world will grow into a $1 trillion business in the future. 

Smart investors are not just sitting on their assets but developing them. Imagine how much more attractive to an investor a plot of virtual land is with its own unique architecture that is already attracting visitors.

“We see metaverse land as a blank canvas for our architects. The virtual world mimics real-world economics. Imagine how much your virtual real estate may be worth if Antoni Gaudí had built on it”

– Richard Guttfield, CEO of Metaverse World Builders.

Metaverse World Builders create stunning Metaverse architecture that engages and delights visitors. The metaverse removes the constraints of the real world so that our world builders can unleash concepts that are simply not possible outside virtual platforms.

“Buying metaverse land is the tip of the iceberg.” Says Richard Guttfield. “Realising that investment by providing interactive immersive virtual experiences through conceptual design will most likely skyrocket the value of your metaverse investment.”

With a team of Metaverse architects, 3D modellers, designers, programmers, artists, and builders we are the perfect team to partner with to realise your metaverse world vision. Taking concepts into virtual construction.