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Decentraland Builders and Architects


Decentraland is a social 2D virtual world and was created by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano in 2015. When the Argentinian organisation was launched in 2017 it became the world’s first decentralised Metaverse Platform. In the browser-based world, users can buy Land and purchase NFTs with their own cryptocurrency MANA using the Ethereum Blockchain. It was opened to the public in 2020 and is operated by the nonprofit Decentraland Foundation.

Decentraland features major brands that have bought properties, including Atari, Adidas, JPMorgan and Samsung. In addition, Decentraland has hosted Metaverse fashion weeks and concerts attracting fashion labels Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and Estée Lauder, as well as DJs and Performers.


Decentralands virtual space is divided into non-fungible digital assets called Land maintained in an Ethereum blockchain. The Land is created by digital parcels that are unique x,y coordinates within Decentraland. The parcels are owned by the community and are purchased using MANA. Owners gain full control over the digital environment and can create animated and static scenes or games. Communities are formed within Decentraland when the parcels are organised into Districts. Rather like mimicking real life, some Districts are more expensive than others. Each Land parcel is an NFT and Land is traded in Decentralands Marketplace or Opensea. Decentraland offers mortgages for Land and Auctions.

Metaverse Architecture in Decentraland

Building Architecture

If you own Land within Decentraland building is a great way to utilise your asset. For simple scenes, Decentraland offers a drag and drop app. For something more advanced you will need to learn Typescript and work with the Decentraland SDK. You can import 3D models script animations and games with this tool. Alternatively, we have a team of Metaverse Architects, 3D Modelers and Programmers on hand to help you turn your ideas into digital visuality.


Decentraland uses MANA cryptocurrency, MANA is the digital asset token used to trade services within Decentraland. It is built on the Ethereum Blockchain standard for tokens. MANA can be traded for fiat currency or other digital currencies. MANA’s value fluctuates depending on the cryptocurrency market and events can influence its value. As the Metaverse becomes more mainstream and people invest in Land, so the cryptocurrency is more likely to increase in value.

cryptocurrency for decentralised metaverses
Decentraland metaverse ownership


An important aspect of Decentralands Metaverse is its decentralised nature that it is built on blockchain technology. Instead of a single point of ownership Decenraland is owned by multiple users who hold a stake in its Metaverse component parcels using MANA. In a decentralised Metaverse, no single investor owns Decentraland. Instead, ownership is shared by a vast amount of users who purchase shares through a currency that in itself is community-owned.


MANA is used within Decentraland for all buying and selling of digital assets. It is operated through the use of a digital wallet that stores all transactions made with the cryptocurrency token in the cloud. The most popular things purchased with MANA include buying wearables to customise your avatar with different hairstyles, eye colours, clothing and accessories. The platform is divided into parcels of Land that can be purchased via MANA and leased resold or developed. Earning money on Decentraland can be achieved by investing in digital assets and reselling through Decentralands Marketplace. MANA can also be used to get a mortgage for a Decentraland property or traded as a cryptocurrency.

Trading in Decentraland


Decentraland has seen major investment from brands and companies entering into the metaverse. Prices have more than doubled in the last year, and interest is very high. Benefits of Decentraland include true ownership of the digital assets created there. The platform is available in 2D on PC or Mac running macOSWindows although at its heart is a Virtual Reality platform. However, the code for VR is not available on headsets yet. Marketers can benefit from free and paid advertising, making it an ideal solution for Metaverse events. At Metaverse World Builders, we have a team of dedicated Decentraland Architects ready to visualise your ideas. We construct architecture on your Decentraland Real Estate and build personalised avatars and NFTs. We can guide you through the whole process of Land purchase through to the launch of your Metaverse project. Why not contact us below to start your Decentraland journey.

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