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Our World Builders And Architects

Who builds virtual worlds for metaverse world builders?

Metaverse World Builders have some of the most creative minds in the Metaverse and many of these are artists and architects who have decided to utilise their artistic flair and creative talents for the design, development and construction of virtual worlds. When you take a tour with Metaverse World Builders we are confident that you will be blown away by their stunning works. 


ShuShu -The founder of VRium Creative Team and VRium VR Performing Arts Centre. Art director, design concepts creator (over 15 years of experience in the field of modern museum design and stage design for theatre), theatre and 3D animation, theatre director and graphic designer. Graduated from the Department of Drama Directing in PWST Theatre Academy in Cracow.

Infinity Ring


Gabriel heads up DigitaLandArchitects a team of architects, 3D designers, and programmers including Pablo, Jordi, Nima, and Surojit. Their expert team creates stunning crypto blockchain platforms such as Decentraland Architecture. Beautifully crafted virtual construction that is awe-inspiring.

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Niko – Designer, programmer and VR developer specialising in Unity and WebVR. World builder for over 4 years. Niko has recently created an amazing replica of our solar system in the metaverse, it is one of the most popular worlds in AltspaceVR. The solar system is a fantastic educational tool which allows users to visit the solar system and even enter the atmospheres of the planets and witness the future death of our sun.

Business Events


Mark is a professional worldbuilder with extensive knowledge of both 3d modelling and world-building. Having built a variety of worlds for business and recreational use. We are all excited to have such talent on board.

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Fantasy World Builder Hazel – Used to paint imaginary landscapes using traditional mediums such as oil and encaustic wax. The VR medium allows her to take this concept to new dimensions, allowing her to create fully immersive, visionary spaces imbued with narrative and mystical elements.

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Jose has been a passionate virtual world builder since 2019, mostly dedicated to well-being and meditation. Recently he won a prize on the Filecoin Forum Build Bounty with his JFW Space Station world. Currently, he´s leading the world-building for the MUSE project and he is also the clinical team leader of the XR Medical-Healthcare Team for Educators in VR. On top of that Jose is a family Doctor.

What Metaverse world would you like to create?

We have many highly creative, talented Metaverse architects so we can build to meet your exacting vision. Talk to us about your perfect world so we can create a concept for you to step into before you commit to the full project.

METAVERSE Architects and Builders – join US

Do you have the experience necessary to help us build impressive immersive worlds on the Metaverse? Metaverse World Builders are keen to talk with you. We are looking for virtual world builders and architects that can deliver premium quality design and build. Please get in touch, we offer you a great opportunity to showcase your skills and the financial rewards are great. Join the leading virtual world-building company on the metaverse – contact us now.