Sigmund Freud Joins The Metaverse

sigmund freud avatar

When Jung von Matt (JVM) asked Metaverse World Builders for wearable for Decentraland, it came with a difference. They were commissioned by the Viennese Tourist Board to create a’ Sigmund Freud’ to promote Vienna in Decentraland. Freud may be seen walking around and talking to people in the Genesis plaza. He will be offering people the opportunity to visit Vienna.

Sigmund Freud was one of Vienna’s most famous residents. The award-winning Austrian psychoanalyst (1856 to 1939) developed theories on the treatment of mental illness and human behaviour. Freud believed that childhood events shape our adult lives. Trauma experienced in early life is hidden in the consciousness and can cause neuroses in adulthood.

Perhaps his most well-known theory is the Freudian slip, defined as an “unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings”. Metaverse World Builders, in association with Digitalandarchitects, were delighted to be part of the project. Please view the creation and implementation of the Sigmund Freud avatar in Decentraland.

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