The A-Z of the metaverse

list of metaverses

The metaverse is a diverse and fast-growing industry with new enterprises popping up every month. It incorporates several types of digital technology and different platforms offer varied types of experiences. Thanks to Dr Mark van Rijmenam who began this guide, a part of his new book “Step into the Metaverse“. Here is our A-Z guide to the Metaverse. A list of the current platforms that we highly recommend. We have tried to include a diversity of extended reality technology Metaverses in this guide. The Metaverses were selected because they utilise extended reality to immerse the user in a virtually enhanced environment. Updated monthly.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Metaverse

Name/LinkTypeCentralised / DecentralisedShort Description
Alien Worldsalien worlds2D Virtual worldDecentralisedAlien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse game where you can play with unique digital items (NFTs). Played via Dapps (decentralized apps).
AltEthosalt ethos3D Virtual worldCentralisedA browser-based 3D events platform optimised for networking
AltspaceVRaltspacevr2D & 3D Virtual WorldCentralisedA Social VR platform purchased by Microsoft in 2017
Avakin Lifeavakin3D Virtual WorldCentralisedAvakin Life a social virtual world on mobile
Axie Infinity
axie infinity
2D Virtual worldDecentralisedAn NFT based gaming platform that uses cryptocurrency for players to play to earn.
Big Timebig time2D & 3D Virtual WorldCentralisedBig Time is a multiplayer action RPG where you team up with friends. NFT based, the game will be "play to earn".
CEEKceek3D Virtual WorldDecentralisedAn Entertainment VR Platform for digital content creators features Universal Music artists.
Challuachallau2D Virtual worldCentralisedA social platform where each user is given their own home and a unique web address.
Chase Realitychase reality2D & 3D Virtual WorldDecentralisedA business orientated Metaverse set in the city of Singapore
CoVincecovinceHybrid (AR & VR)HybridCreating collaboration spaces in a public and shielded environment. Combining psychology and technology (Mobile / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Artificial Intelligence / Smart Sensoring)
Cryptovoxelscryptovoxels3D Virtual World (VR)DecentralisedCryptovoxels is a user-owned virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain in which players can trade and create.
Decentralanddecentralnd2D Virtual worldDecentralisedAn open-source virtual 3D crypto-based platform where you can create, explore, and trade in a virtual world owned by its users.
EDGEcity by MaisonDAOedge3D Virtual World (VR)DecentralisedA virtual city, divided to 100 virtual lands where owners can host art galleries, fashion shows, and music clubs. Users can create their realistic 3d avatars, dress in virtual fashion and export for Metaverse
ERTHAerthaHybrid (AR & VR)HybridERTHA is a real-world simulation, a crypto-based game that has a player-driven economy, wars, and politics.
Eve Onlineeve online2D Virtual worldCentralisedA very old and still strong space MMO that has one of the most complex in-game economies ever designed
FectarfectarHybrid (AR & VR)DecentralisedMultisided platform to create, publish, share and measure AR/VR experiences for everyone
Fortnitefortnite2D Virtual worldCentralisedFortnite is a Free-to-Play Battle Royale game where you can meet up with your friends, build worlds and have fun.
Gather Towngather town2D Virtual worldCentralisedGather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human.
GeoAR.itgeoarAugmented ExperienceHybridPart of the platform. Setup 3D informational hotspots and 3D audio at precise locations for others to find using their smartphone camera. Built on a complete 3D digital twin of the UK infrastructure
Horizon Worldshorizons3D Virtual WorldCentralizedA virtual reality world where people can meet and collaborate and play games, owned by Meta Platforms
JOURNEE – The Metaverse Companyjournee3D Virtual WorldCentralisedJOURNEE is the platform to enable brands and creators to deliver the highest quality white label metaverse solution directly accessible to the world.
MapstarmapstarHybrid (AR & VR)DecentralisedMapstar is a map-based XR metaverse for the physical world where you can create, edit, own, trade, and share Extended Reality (XR) maps, collaborate, or explore the 3D worlds of others.
MetadomemetadomeHybrid (3D & AR)CentralisedMetadome (formerly Adloid) is a persistent virtual world focussing on brands and will be driven by 3D and Augmented Reality.
Metafluencemetafluence2D & 3D Virtual WorldHybrid3D worlds for influencers to host virtual events, run online shops, and NFT galleries.
Microsoft Meshmesh2D & 3D Virtual WorldCentralisedA mixed-reality world where people can meet and collaborate owned by Microsoft
Minecraftminecraft2D Virtual worldCentralisedA video game in which players create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. Now owned by Microsoft.
NeosVRneos2D & 3D Virtual WorldHybridCollaborative building in Virtual Reality and Desktop mode, a Metaverse built from within the Metaverse & Metaverse Engine.
Odyssey Momentumodyssey3D Virtual World (VR)DecentralisedMomentum is building an open-source web3 metaverse stack for collaboration
Othersideotherside2D Virtual WorldDecentralisedMetaverse Game consists of 200,000 plots of land that are sold as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
Paviapavia2D Virtual worldDecentralisedGaming application Pavia metaverse consists of 100,000 land parcels sold as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain
Portalsportals2D Virtual worldDecentralisedPortals is a web-based metaverse platform that allows users to trade and create working off the Solana ecosystem.
RareRoomsrarerooms3D Virtual World (VR)DecentralisedRareRooms is an immersive digital gallery to curate and shares your NFTs. It supports a myriad of wallets and also allows for mini-games and avatar inclusion.
RedPill VRredpillvr3D Virtual World (VR)CentralisedRedpill is a virtual reality platform that enables social interactivity, creativity, distribution and robust monetisation of consumer and developer-generated content.
RFOX VALTrfox valt2D & 3D Virtual WorldHybridMulti-chain device-agnostic metaverse platform for retail and entertainment. 100 Shops can be bought through public auctions and traded on Opensea.
Robloxroblox2D & 3D Virtual worldCentralisedRoblox is an online platform and storefront users go to play games made by the community.
It has its own currency system and users can play to earn. Now available in VR.
RuneScaperunescape3D Virtual WorldCentralisedRuneScape is the world's largest MMORPG with several social features to the game that allow player-to-player interactions for actions like trading. As well it has a very well-established marketplace to buy items to help out in combat, or to be used as cosmetics.
Sansarsansar3D Virtual World (VR)CentralisedSansar is a social virtual reality platform, the platform enables user-created 3D spaces and music venues.
Second Lifesecond life2D Virtual worldCentralisedThe first virtual world where users could live, play, work and have fun and trade. Second Life has its own currency.
Solicesolice2D & 3D Virtual WorldCentralisedSolice is an open 3D world with limitless possibilities, a VR hyper virtual where users can play, build, own, share and monetise their virtual experiences in an immersive way on the Solana blockchain.
Somnium Spacesomnium space3D Virtual World (VR)DecentralisedAn open, social and persistent VR world where its economy is cryptocurrency.
Star Atlasstar atlas2D & 3D Virtual WorldDecentralisedStar Atlas is a blockchain-based, space-themed, grand strategy video game built on the Solana blockchain. It is a massive multiplayer metaverse set in the distant future, in the year 2,620.
Substratasubstrata2D & 3D Virtual WorldHybridPC and soon to be web browser-based client that has decentralized land ownership and model import in GLB/GLTF and other 3D files
Terra Virtuaterravirtua2D & 3D Virtual WorldCentralisedMetaverse platform, allowing connecting NFTs across AR, Mobile, and 3D working with licensed brands
The Sandboxsandbox2D Virtual worldDecentralisedThe Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.
Topiatopia2D Virtual worldDecentralisedA spatial chat platform aimed at creators and community builders who can earn through the use of their spaces can host NFTs
Ultima Onlineuo2D Virtual worldCentralisedOne of the first graphical user worlds to gain mass adoption, designed by several legends including Raph Koster
VEU Enterverseenterverse2D & 3D Virtual WorldHybridMetaverse focused on Entertainment and Culture
VRChatvrchat2D & 3D Virtual WorldCentralisedAn online virtual world platform offering social VR experiences.
VRSpacevrspace2D & 3D Virtual WorldHybridVRSpace is an open-source WebXR enabled browser Virtual / Augmented Reality (WebXR) platform.
WaveXRwavexr2D Virtual worldCentralisedMusic & Entertainment streamed to gaming and video platforms
World of WarcraftWoW2D Virtual worldCentralisedWorld of Warcraft's Azeroth is one of the oldest and most popular continuously operating virtual worlds
Zepetozepeto2D & 3D Virtual WorldCentralisedA virtual world with a unique custom 3D avatar and social VR.
Zippyzippy2D Virtual worldHybridZippy is an open and persistent virtual world where runners can run in virtual worlds such as marathon routes such as Boston, London, and Tokyo or scenic routes such as beach runs, mountains or a jungle trail. Runners can run solo or with friends across the world through their Avatars